Volunteers from Kupiškis will carry out suicide prevention


Outbreak of suicide - a fact clearly speaking about social problems. Kupiškis is leading the country in accordance with the number of suicides. “Prospects of volunteering on suicide prevention” - a topic of seminar in Kupiškis on 23th May led by Vytautas Magnus University lecturer philosopher Algirdas Davidavičius.

"Free-market competition, social and economic institutions compare us, makes us feel better or worse. Continuous comparison, the value of life measurement alone on our success in the market perspective - one of the key factors making us sick", - said the lecturer.

Meeting participants shared their thoughts why the number of suicide in the area is so high. Reference was made to the lack of psychologists and psychotherapists; The absence of ideas, losing their roots, the belief that nothing can be changed, which run out of motivation to live.

A. Davidavičius defining the concept of suicide, attributed to chronic self-destruction: drugs, alcohol consumption, voluntary homelessness. According to him, in Lithuania about thousand people commit suicide per year, more than half of them - men, and the vast majority of them - middle-aged living in rural areas. Lecturer wondered what drives people to commit suicide, has introduced a number of psychological counseling techniques. He pointed that in order to help a frustrated man you should first get his consent.

According to the lecturer it's very important to have social contacts with each other, to share what you have or you know. The last part of the seminar participants shared ideas and suggestions on how to  to encourage people to be more sociable, more active. The congregation not only brought together a group of volunteers, but also developed a plan with specific dates and ideas on how they intend to implement the idea of suicide prevention.

Kupiškis idea to create a mechanism to help their community feel better got support of the project "Grass-root municipality social dialogue” promoters. In their view, the social dialogue is much broader concept than employee and employer relationship, it is just a tool to do life somewhat better.

The idea of such teachings was born on 16th April in the discussion held by Kupiškis Tripartite Council. In the project "Grass-root municipality social dialogue” are involved Ignalina, Kupiškis.


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